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Jedit, wordml, xaml, jxpath, InfoPath, XForms are some of the things I want to look at in 2004

Jedit, wordml, xaml, jxpath, InfoPath, XForms are some of the names that I have jotted down in 2003 to take a look at in the future. Hopefully I will get to some of these in 2004. The following knowledge folder named "Research" explores these ideas a bit further and provide additional references.

Research Knowledge Folder

On a personal front I want to consider the following:

  1. Provide a discoverable and typed interface to Aspire's declarative middle tier. This idea is explored somewhat in the O'Reilly paper titled "Qualities of a good middle tier architecture".
  2. I have been meaning to write a command interpreter in Java for command line utilities where the shell can interpret the input java objects and prompt the user for the input and automatically transfer the input to java objects and call the command eventually.
  3. I have been planning on writing a universal editor for any XML properties file. The underlying idea is very similar to number 2.
  4. Look into drag and drop file system over the web using either Applets or Flash components for AKC. This will allow for folders in folders and a natural interface for the authors AKC to manage their content.
  5. Work more on CSS to polish the AKC and some of the master pages it hosts
  6. Have friends sign up on AKC and potentially look into porting the AKC to MySQL from MicrosoftAccess that it is sitting on